Fans for MLB The Show 18 are about to be disappointed as Sony San Diego made an announcement on their website that the Online Franchise Mode will not be coming to the next game when its released on March 23rd. We have the full announcement for you below, but if you click the link above you can see the disdain in the comments section over it. What many of those people may not realize is that MLB The Show 17 didn’t have the smoothest of launches when it first came out, and the servers were constantly struggling to Buy MLB18 Stubs keep people online and not glitching out (which you can find clips of), so most likely this version was cut because they still haven’t figured out how to fix that and make it run properly.


What’s been exciting about the MLB The Show series over the past few years have been the steady improvements and unique qualities placed into this annual franchise. However, The Show 18 seems to settle on the status quo of its past iterations. In short, SIE San Diego Studio, the developers behind The Show 18, have not made many changes to the traits and gameplay mechanics that were found in the critically acclaimed The Show 17. Unfortunately, this means that the latest iteration of MLB The Show feels and plays just like its predecessor, thereby negating the feeling that you are actually playing a new entry.