The second half of the 7th inning sent the Zagorsky rescue. The Redskins seized the opportunity. After the strike between Perazza and Warto, Genenet scored a deep second left field second base and Perazza scored. After the brewers sent Suarez, the Reds attacked the base. Winkel's left field battered back to Warto, Winkel and Genette stood on the second and third bases respectively, Reds continued to occupy the base. Immediately after Duval hit the back on the left back to Genette and Suarez, Reds 6-3 leading brewers. The brewers also sent Barnhardt and the Reds continued to occupy the base. Loren hit all the runners on the 384-foot slam gun and led the Reds to a 10-3 lead brewer to Buy MLB18 Stubs seal the victory.


Marlins's starting pitcher, Lopez, was beaten by 6 hits in 6 innings, lost 5 strikes and 1 save, and was beaten by 2 homers. The Metropolitan starting pitcher Degrom was defeated in 6 games and 6 hits, 3 throws, 3 self-reproached points, 8 strikeouts, 1 save, and 1 homer.