Red Sox 4-2 this week, performance is not bad, but the Red Sox fans rarely satisfied the team's performance this week. Although the Red Sox swept the Angels away, the team did not perform satisfactorily in the Yankees' base socks game. Of course, in the face of Buy MLB18 Stubs Yankee's Sonny Gray, the Red Sox still fully demonstrated their firepower, including the team's third base, the hand-drawn Phil Devers, especially outstanding performance, single 5 5, first The slam home run directly scored the game in junk time.


As his status in June gradually warmed up (there was a 0.510 hit in a single month and a score of 18 points), the rumors that he would be unplugged were gradually dissipated. On the day after the Red Sox won the Yankees 11:0, Yankee retaliated with a 11:1. If Yankee is a Gray headache in this series, then the red sock will have to meditate on David Presto. His career has always been met with Yankee. He has been smashed this time. He only lost 8 points in only 3.1 games. He also made a career record in the 5th home run, including the Yankee rookie pitcher Kyle-Donggan career. First Anthony (also the first bomb).