In 2018, an extraordinary year for Washington, DC, the US capital is destined to become the focus of national sports. The ecstasy of the first time in the history of the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup, and the atmosphere of the All-American All-Star Game began to heat up. Although today's top players in the league have not yet gathered in Washington, they are still scattered throughout the United States to fight for their home team, but as tomorrow's home run and the next day's All-Star game, the future stars will take the lead. Going to MLB18 Stubs the National Stadium and starting their own carnival.


The Future Stars should gather the best-performing farm rookies in the first half of the season, but the top 100 rookies, the current hit rate is a staggering 40%, the Toronto Blue Jays, only 19-year-old third baseman Vladimir. Guerrero (Montreal Fair and Angels of Los Angeles, the son of Hall of Fame member Vladimir Guerrero) missed the game due to a knee injury, especially the old Guerrero as the coach of the international team. The interaction between the father and the son failed to be staged as scheduled. Unfortunately, in addition to Little Guerrero, Erroy Jimenez, the third-ranked rookie list of the American baseball authoritative magazine "Baseball America", also missed the battle due to injury. The absence of the two major beads makes today's future Star Race has lost a lot of attention and attention.