In the first half of the first game of the angels, Taylor-Skaggs was placed as the starting pitcher, and George Springer blasted to the ground and hit the first base. The latter was arbitrarily stolen by video playback, and Wu Rulei talked about VR. Use blunt words to introduce but not just apply. Springer benefited from José Artuvi's landing and running back to MLB18 Stubs the home base, helping the astronauts lead 1-0 and one or two bases.


Skagers was applied for a brief communication by the Angel Coaching Team. Through the teammates double-killing, he successfully caught 3 outs and successfully stopped bleeding. The astronauts in the first half of the first game by Dallas-Kecker as the starting pitcher, Wu Haolei 侃 侃 Kecker's long beard shape is quite characteristic, if you drink a bit of wine and face, it seems to be close. Back in the game, Kecker lived up to expectations and successfully completed three ups and threes.