The fourth game of the Red Sox came back, Pierce's hit and Bogartz's second base hit the old man, the Devs fielder chose to form a full base, Nunez hit back to Pierce, 3-0. Red Sox eighth outfielder Jackie Bradley knocked out a three-point home run in the left field, the Red Sox scored 6-0. Searle continues to control the situation. In the third half to the sixth inning of MLB The Show 18 Stubs the sixth game, the tiger hitter only had two sporadic ups and swallowed five strikeouts.


In the first half of the seventh game, Red Sox catcher Sandy-Leon was selected to be sent, team leader Muqi Bates hit, Red Sox captured 1st and 2nd, Andrew Benin Tendi hit the base and sent back to the base. , rewrite the score to 8-0. JD Martinez sent a high-flying sacrifice to play, Benin Tengdi scored back, 9-0. In the second half, the Red Sox chose to change the pitcher. Brandon Walker took over the Selden board and the Tigers third baseman Jerma Candelario knocked out his 14th home run this season to capture the Tigers. The only score.