The defending champion Houston Astros has now scored 66 wins and 36 losses, and is also very hopeful to win the second consecutive season. Intuitively, the astronauts’ offense doesn’t seem to  MLB The Show 18 Stubs be the same as the season. It’s true that this season’s astronauts’ home runs have not dropped much, with core hitters Jose Ottovi, Carlos Correa and George. - The overall decline in output of Springer and others is related, but the sudden rise of Alex Bregman and the overall strength of the strike have kept the astronauts still maintaining the fifth offensive firepower of the Major League. In the pitcher's part, this season's spacemen lost only 3.21 points per game, leading the entire major league.


"Tiger King", Gretel Cole and Charlie Morton are the best performances of their careers. "Beard" Dallas - Kecker and Lance McCullers are equally stable, and the astronauts can let their opponents in a series of games, "How do astronauts have a trump card every day?" It is worth noting that compared with the astronomical figures at the beginning of the season, the astronauts now have a lot more points, so finding a qualified Terminator in time will be the focus of the Astros' signings in the coming week. To say that, the astronauts have such dominance, why is it necessary to demand the Terminator? The reason is very simple. The potential opponents of the Astros playoffs, the Red Sox, the Indians and the Yankees, are ranked in the top three in the big league. In the face of such a line, they can't relax for a second.