The defending champion Houston Astros is still strong this season, currently 66 wins and 36 losses lead the second division of the Seattle Mariners 5 wins, but behind the Boston Red Sox also 5 wins, the team wants to  MLB The Show 18 Stubs  go further in the playoffs Even the completion of the defending, trying to get the home advantage of the playoffs is still the key. After Glit-Cole came to the astronauts, he showed his talent for the No. 1 pick. 177 strikeouts set a record for the three strikes before the All-Star Game. If he rested enough time, he should be able to lead the team to the regular season. official.

The fierce competition in the division makes the 53 wins and 46 losses only rank third, but behind the division leader Los Angeles Dodgers only 2.5 wins, only two games away from the League of Nations wild card, is very likely to enter the season after two consecutive years. In the game. Taylor-Anderson has become the most stable starting pitcher of Loki this season. In the past four games, the first 28 starts and 31 strikes. The strike rate is only 0.95, and the hit rate is only 1 in 47. His four stitches. The combination of the line speed ball, the Carter ball and the speed change ball allowed him to perform well at home on the plateau.