In the fifth game, when Joan Jay first knocked out the third base hit, Gold Schmidt's hitting series broke the game deadlock. Sohera's second base hit and Lamb's hit in tandem rewrote the score into 3 to  MLB The Show 18 Stubs 0. The fifth inning of the fifth game, Russell took the lead in knocking out the hit, but unfortunately, Lasla knocked out the double play and wasted the scoring opportunity.


In the sixth inning, Amed and Avila's hits took the 1st and 2nd bases. After Buckholtz's sacrifice, Joan-Jay Goofy sacrificed to let the rattlesnake expand the lead. The sixth round of Hayward's spring cannon Let the bear break the scoring drought. After the next two outs in the seventh game, Zobrist and Caratini's hits gave the bears another chance. Unfortunately, after Rizo was sent to form a full base, Almora was beaten by Bradley.