Valencia will definitely miss Manchester United's Premier League opener and will not be able to play in the first few rounds. The injury to Valencia will also have a huge impact on the current Manchester United signings. Damian, the Italian full-back, is a substitute for Valencia. It is reported that Damian will leave the team in the summer window. Inter is his most likely home, and this time with the injury of FUT 19 Coins Valencia, Dami Ann will leave Manchester United and I will probably give up. After all, Manchester United's side-back David Dolott is currently injured and can only come back in September.



Ibrahimovic joined the Manchester United freely in the summer of 2016. He helped Manchester United win the England League Cup and the Europa League in the 2016-17 season. In March 2018, Ibrahimovic transferred to MLS's Los Angeles Galaxy. In 2017-18, Manchester United's four are all empty. Ibrahimovic believes that Mourinho will definitely win the trophy for Manchester United this season.