In the 8th round, the Warriors changed into Winkel's pitching. Hernandez was defeated by the three strikers, and Bellinger was killed in the left field. Forsyth was beaten and defeated. Ferguson continued to pitch the ball in the second half of the 8th round. Carlson's first-hander, Bayringer, had a catching mistake when he was defensive, and Carlson reached the first base. Freeman guerrilla direction flying ball was killed. In the direction of the second base of Markkakis, the earth formed a double kill. Dodge kept the second half of Cheap MLB18 Stubs  the 8 innings.


The first half of the 9th Division Warriors replaced Sam Freeman for pitching. Puig was selected to be sent to the base, and Barnes was also selected to be sent, after Pedersen's left field fly was killed. Taylor's strong rolling earth penetrated the Warriors' three-guard line, and Puig ran back home. Then the Warriors put on Winters pitching, Machado added a hit, Barnes ran back home and scored, Dodge 5-1 lead. Mansi was sent by the ball, Dodge captured the full base, and Hernandez and Bellinger were hit by three consecutive strikes. The Dodge ended the first half of the game in nine games. In the second half of the 9th game, the squad sent to Guddel, and Flores was defeated by the swing. The Camargo third ball was out of the way, and the ball was killed in the middle of the direction. In the end, Dodge defeated the Warriors 5-1 away.