The second game of the Indians once again exceeded the score. The "milk" Cabrera signed by the Indians with a small league contract in the season blasted the first home run this season, and then the Indians were a series of consecutive hits. Francisco-Lindoan sent Jason Chipines back to get another point. At the end of the second game, the Indians led 3-1.


In the third and seventh innings, the scores were expanded to Cheap MLB18 Stubs 6-1 by Jand Alonso and Edwin Encanasian respectively. In the first half of the eighth game, the Indians were another continuous offensive. They also contributed to the two players, locking the score to 8-1. The Indians defeated the Detroit Tigers on the road.


Although Krupp’s campaign was dropped in the first game, he lost the game in the whole game. The 7.1 innings were only knocked out by five hits, and five strikeouts were sent to win the 13th win of the season. Second only to Severino, the United States is the second most. In addition, Cabrera and Alonso have a single performance of three hits.