Like all first-round rookie contracts, Darnold signed the contract for a four-year, fifth-season team option. Interestingly, after the news that Darnold signed the contract was about an hour later, he appeared in the team's training camp, which was his first time to participate in jet training. When Darnold jogged on the court, he was greeted by teammates for star-like applause. Jet coach Todd Bowers was very pleased that Darnold finally came to the team.


"He is late, this is the first day of  Madden 19 Coins training camp for him, he will go to study and catch up with the training progress," Todd Bowers said.


Now Sam Danod will compete with veteran Josh McCoy and Teddy Bridgewater for the starting quarterback position, but it is clear that Danod’s previous tug-of-war with the team made him miss it. There is less chance of fair competition, at least for now, the training time that Darnold missed makes him unable to win too many opportunities to play.