In the first half of the first game, Malgot took the lead in hitting the base. Then he leaned on the teammate's rolling earth and the opponent's pitcher Lester's storm shot to the third base. Renfro hit a far-reaching high-flying sacrifice, and the priest took the lead to obtain 1- 0 leading. In the first half of the second game, Galvis slammed the ball out of the home wall in the absence of a bad ball in 2 good goals. Then Reyes hit a hit and pitcher Lucchesi also selected 4 bad balls to send. 2 After the game, this season's blow has been weak, Hosmer hit a deep third-base hit in the field, the two runners on the base easily return to home base score. At the end of the 2nd game, the priest took a 4-0 lead.


In the second half of the 3rd round, Baez, who has a long-lasting performance in this series, re-opened. His first spring gun allowed the bear to chase the score to 1-4. However, the priest responded immediately in the first half of Cheap MLB18 Stubs the 4th round. Reyes opened the bang, and the priest once again called the score advantage to expand to 4 points.