In the second half of the eighth round, the Philadelphians switched to Aaron Lope, who was knocked out by Matisse and Peralta and was forced to switch to Victor Alano. Gold Schmidt and AJ-Polock hit the hit to  Cheap MLB18 Stubs help the rattlesnake even chase 2 points to 2-5, Chen Hui commented that Gold Schmidt hit the yellow homer wall line even if it was a home run, Philadelphia Complete a double kill on the third and third base and keep the advantage to the end.



The Red Sox 5-1 this week, including the home game against Yankee Four Lien Chan. At present, the Red Sox has already extended the Yankee's lead to 9.5 in the standings. In the competition of the division champions, the initiative has been firmly grasped in their own hands. In the 4:1 victory over Yankees, Rick Posello used only 86 goals in the game and completed a win against Yankee. Steve Pierce also ushered in this week, including a single-game three-shot performance, and also became the third Red Sox player in the history of the Yankees. The recently traded starter Nathan Evaldi also performed well. There were no self-blame points in the 8 innings. It can be said that the Red Sox has been in full swing and everyone has contributed. As long as the current state is maintained, no one can resist the red sock.