The host Niu Yinyu introduced the Philadelphia people to MLB The Show 18 Stubs the rattlesnake before the game. The Philadelphians used the amazing results to force the Warriors to rank first in the Eastern League. In contrast, the rattlesnake was ahead of Dodge in the Western Conference. Interpreter guest Chen Hui introduced that the two teams completed the reinforcement at the end of the 731 trading day. The Philadelphian last time in the playoffs or seven years ago, the rattlesnake hopes to advance to the playoffs for two consecutive years. The current national league playoffs are 12 grabs. The situation, a little careless, may not even get the wild card of the playoffs.


The rattlesnake catcher, Holh Alfaro, was in the first half of the sixth game. After receiving a pitch from the starting pitcher Zach-Grenke, he directly passed to first baseman Paul Gold Schmidt. Although Gold Schmidt did not succeed in the first time, but seized Asdruba-Cabrera did not return to the base bag in time to complete the strike. Interpretation guest Chen Hui bluntly said that the ball is particularly convinced of the arm's strength, and needs to pass the ball from the position behind the line to the first baseman. Once the mistake is made, it is easy for the Philadelphians to rush to the circle.