Stanton's super-strength home run and Neil Walker's double-shot guns allowed Yankee to make a long-lost four-game winning streak. The gap between them and the Boston Red Sox has also narrowed to MLB The Show 18 Stubs eight. Don't forget that Yankee is still playing less. 2 games. In this game, Tanaka will represent the team first. The hot state has sent 36 strikeouts in 5 games and 30.1 innings. The score is only 1.78, but it was lost in 5 games against the Texas Rangers on May 21. 4 points, the Rangers sent Mena's first pitch, the last game against Baltimore only 7 points lost only 1 point, the past 10 games first 4 wins and 2 losses self-blame rate 3.26.


Mucci Bates' last game against the Blue Jays became the first player to make a complete blow this season, but the pitcher frying pan did not let the Red Sox take the victory. This series has the lowest winning percentage in the league. Hey, the team certainly wants to be able to complete the sweep on the road. In this game, Yovardi once again pitched for the Red Sox. In the past two games, he scored 15 games without losing points. He became the first pitcher to make two consecutive starts without losing points after joining the Red Sox in 1995. Kim Min Jong sent a Bondi starter. In the last game, he lost 2 points and 1 point in the game against the Texas Rangers. This season, the Boston Red Sox started with a self-blame rate of 2.29.