The Raiders' offense was run by Joe Gruden, and their play and performance tonight was a far cry from last year's bad offense. Of course, there are still some shortcomings in the bench, but the offensive concept of Madden 19 Coins the team can be changed compared to last year. Before everyone questioned Gruden's second-round pick, P.J. Hill, a defensive tackle from Sam Houston State University, completed a fight and made a shot.


Cork Cousins ??looks very sharp in the preseason debut, and scores a touchdown in four passes. Rock-Thomas also won the team's No. 3 running back with his two touchdowns. In the offensive attack, Thomas advanced 29 yards for 8 times and completed 3 catches to advance 102 yards and two touchdowns. In general, the Vikings' offense is very smooth, but the offensive line still needs to run in. The left tackle Riley Leif played for a while and the right guard Danny Isidore is the best player on the front line today. The Vikings can consider moving him to the left.