The sailor's terminator, Edwin Diaz, won the 45th rescue of MLB The Show 18 Stubs the season and has tied the second in the history of the Mariners. This is the 23rd rescue success in the team's lead by only one point. The league's highest record is 24 times in 2003 by Eric Gagne.


The most exciting garrison in the game appeared in the second half of the eighth game. The astronaut catcher Max Stasi shot a first-place hit and Derek Fisher came on the run. Tony Kemp sent a far-reaching flat ball in the middle of the field, and the waterer outfielder Guillermo Heredia completed the five-star difficulty of the art and immediately shot the ball with a laser shoulder speed of 85 mph. The long pass back to the first base, Fisher has rushed to the third base back to the base, the sailors complete the key double kill!