Despite the poor starting performance of the Red Sox this week, only David Price completed the quality starter, but the Red Sox still achieved 6-1 with strong firepower. Although Yang’s basic week also played well, the Red Sox still maintained its zoning advantage at 9.5. In the offseason, the strong stick JD-Martinez continues to brush the data, this week sent 4 home runs, hitting the 0.464/0.531/1.071, and won the best player of the United Week without any suspense. With a total of  Cheap MLB18 Stubs  37 home runs, he led the league in total, and he and Mucci Bates provided the team with massive output. If you can maintain the current winning percentage, the Red Sox will win 115 victories this season, which will be very horrible, far more than last year's Dodge and astronauts, perhaps a new record will be born at the end of the season.


After a nightmare in general, Yankee re-adjusted to score 6-1. Giancarlo-Stanton is a great player. He has played five home runs in the past six games, including the home run for the Rangers in the first battle of more than 121 mph. The league's new record; in the same game, Neil Walker made a home run from both sides of the home plate, which created a new record in his career; or this game Aaron Hicks also played The 20th home run of the season, the Yankees first outfield three-team home run number has come to 20; and recently the poor state of Torres also played the season's 18th home run, tied the Seniors Alfonso Soriano's Yankee rookie record ranked fourth in history.