The Ravens selected 12 rookies in this year's draft, but in addition to Madden 19 Coins  the first round of near-end Hayden-Hurst, the other two opponents in the offensive position, one near-end and one quarterback. Both are flat. Lamar Jackson does not need to say that in the two games 28 passes only 11 to get 152 yards, the best road to run is only 13 punch 46 yards 1 touchdown, it can be said that he is still a long time away from Banffaco A long way to go.


The three-round show with a strong catching ability is near-end Mark Marc Andrews (0/3), the four-round pick-in receiver Jalil Scott (1/5) and the 5-round pick-in receiver Jordan-La Sly (1/4) 3 people received 2 passes in 2 games and advanced 23 yards. For the fans, they are not the main force. It doesn't seem too bad, but for those who have just entered the league, every opportunity is very valuable. In the second week when the main players will increase their playing time, rookies with fewer opportunities must seize every opportunity to improve their position in the coach. It’s time to test their efficiency