Chiefs will win the region, though probably not as easily as some may expect. They should get through to the final in two wins, and it is hard enough for a team to beat Chiefs in one series, let alone the two required by a bracket reset. Legacy have the best chance of dethroning them, but that chance is still rather slim. The lower bracket final will be epic, and it may come down to attrition as we’ve often found the team losing the upper bracket final has struggled to then match up against a team coming off an elimination series. I’m predicting that will happen yet again, and Dark Sided will be the unfortunate victims once more. Any one of these three squads are deserving of joining the Chiefs at RLCS (if Chiefs somehow miss out on qualifying it will be a tragedy), and hopefully the second Oceanic team can find some success on the international stage for  Rocket League Crates  the first time.


Next week we have the promotion/relegation series for RLCS/RLRS, and hopefully we get an announcement on where and when LAN will be held. In the meantime we will have Gfinity Australia starting June 2, with the final three franchises announced as Perth Ground Zero, and two Gfinity controlled franchises, the Sydney Roar and Brisbane Deceptors. Good luck to the Roar competing against the Chiefs in Sydney, but it is very interesting that Gfinity is running those franchises themselves for now, rather than bringing in existing organisations. Of course, none of those three franchises have Rocket League teams, so there will be plenty of intrigue as to how they put together a squad .