For those of you who have been begging to see crossplay party support in Rocket League after all the talk about making it happen, good news for you! The dream is alive and kicking, at least, according to Twitter. Someone from Psyonix jumped on Twitter to answer a fan question about the long-awaited addition to the game and were greeted with some awesome news


The shorthand version for those who don’t understand is that ANYONE will be able to play Rocket League with you, no matter what console they’re on. Meaning you can set up a team of two Steam players and two PS4 players and kick it as a team. While there’s been talk about this for a while in several interviews with Psyonix members, it’s really cool to  Rocket League Crates finally know it is not only still in the works but will be happening this year. No word yet on whether this will affect gameplay at all beyond who you can pick to be on your team, but at the very least it’s another wall being torn down from a game where cars play soccer.