You can prevent yourself from flailing into the back of your own net by ensuring that you rotate into defence via your back post. This gives you a number of advantages. First, you probably picked up your corner boost or farmed about 36 boost from pads as you curved into position next to the post. Second, because the only way to get there is through your corner, you'll have given yourself a great overview of the developing offensive play that your opponents are setting up. Third, you can now boost to every point of the goal making it much harder for opponents to get the ball past you. Finally, rotating in such a predictable way makes it easy for your team mates to fall in behind you as you go for the challenge, and allows your team to cycle through the goalkeeper role very efficiently.


Kick offs can both prevent and cause goals in either direction very quickly, flipping the momentum of Rocket League Crates a game. There are a variety of kick offs in Rocket League, but it's hard to beat  a simple, rock-solid kick off - nothing fancy. The reason being it gives you a solid wall and stops the ball coming anywhere near your half.