Earlier this year Monstercat revealed two new brands for their music to help distinguish between the ethereal tones of the eclectic electronic music genre. Both "Instinct" and "Uncaged" brands will appear in the new Rocket League playlists throughout the year. Monstercat will also be getting some in-game love through new flags planned to launch with each new playlist.No further details are available yet as far as artists, tracks, and how long each playlist will be available, but more info should be coming in the next few weeks www.lolga.com


Rocket League loves crossovers. Since its 2015 launch—deep breath—Twisted Metal, Warframe Top Gun, Game of Thrones, Casper, Harry Potter, The Ring, X-Men, Blacklight Retribution, Back to the Future, Halo, Gears of War, The Fast and the Furious, Mario, Metroid, and Batman (did I miss any?) have entered the ball-cage-car arena.And now, as part of Rocket League Crates Psyonix's DC Super Heroes pack, the Caped Crusader is set to return with both its Christian Bale-powered Dark Knight Tumbler, and its 1989 Tim Burton/Michael Keaton-style Batmobile.