You can also buy Halloween crates for $2.49 each all the way up to  Rocket League Crates 20 for $39.99, respectively. You can check out the prices to the right for individual items as it is a screenshot directly from the game. Keep in mind, the numbers are slightly adjusted as I already purchased a few items.


The Halloween update will run up to November 6th, and candy corn will expire one week later. Hopefully, the new update will treat you to some sweet victories and spectacular crate rewards. If not, just blame your teammate.



Cross-platform play is already a thing in Psyonix' vehicular sports game Rocket League, but for Twitter user Floshke, there's also the added question of cross-platform party support as well (something we know is in the works), which would be yet another way to bring the separate communities together, and they asked Psyonix about this directly recently