Unlike Fortnite, there are no challenges to get XP, as Psyonix is ??worried that this will "upset the aggressive antithesis of the Rocket League." Instead there will be a annual benefit that will acquiesce you to affiliated up faster if you admission abundant amateur in a week.There is no accepted date for Rocket Canyon release. Psyonix said it would acknowledge added annual on the accepted XP-based progression arrangement development arrangement this week.


Similar to the Fortnite Activity Pass, the Rocket League canyon will accord players the befalling to get new agreeable through a progression system. The added XP you get, the added agreeable you can unlock. However, this does not alter the accepted progression system.The Rocket Canyon will accept two versions - chargeless and premium. The chargeless will accord users the befalling to Rocket League Keys alleviate adapted rewards, including personalization items, banners, in-game titles and decryptors. On the added hand, the exceptional adaptation will be accessible for ten keys ($ 9.99 dollars https://www.lolga.com).