In the first week of the NFL regular season Sunday night game, the Green Bay Packers completed an incredible reversal, all thanks to their quarterback Aaron Rogers. Rogers was sitting in the stroller after being beaten down by the defensive player in the first half of the game. The packer who lost the main bone was beaten 20-0, but in the second half Rogers returned to Madden 19 Coins the stadium magically, in the left leg. Complete the game in the event of injury and lead the team to complete the final reversal, winning 24-23.


After the game, Rogers was asked the first question from NBC reporter Michel Tofya, who wanted to know if the packer's magic man could face the Minnesota Vikings in the second week. On the court, Rogers turned away from the phrase "I am playing next week" and then turned and left. Although Rogers is more optimistic on the court, he has to face the reality at the press conference. According to Rogers, he may not be able to determine whether he can play against the Vikings until Wednesday. Rogers will be tested and evaluated on Monday, and if he passes the safety test, then everything is fine.