After each level, more and more rewards await the player, while the premium model is more frequent. It will also be reserved to buyers of the pass to unlock exclusive items, which in turn are not included in the free version. In addition, Psyonix introduces two new boosts: the "XP Boost" and the "XP Award". The former allows players to gain faster experience points for their own level while playing. The "XP Awards", however, release the stages within the Rocket Pass faster. Both Boosts are activated during the term of  LOLGA the pass and only run out with the passport. However, they are included only in the paid model.


Psyonix plans to release several passports a year that contain exclusive items. It is promised that there will be no duplicate items in the passport and each item will be tradable. Exemptions include, for example, titles that are not tradable from the outset. Players will be able to buy the Rocket Pass at any time. If you decide to buy later, the pass automatically takes over the progress of  Rocket League Keys the free variant and overwrites any rewards that you would have unlocked to this level. Before buying, however, it is possible to see any reward unlockable within the Rocket Pass at this point. So the buyer knows exactly what he buys with the passport. However, it will also be possible to buy individual levels with keys in order to progress faster.