In Drogba's opinion, Mu Shuai loves you to FIFA 19 Coins criticize you, but Bogba does not eat this set, so he will say that there is a "small problem" with Mourinho. The media also took the opportunity to speculate on the relationship between the two, making them seem to be incompatible with each other and can only leave one. "Daily Mail" reporter Lawrence pointed out that the times are different. Character players like Bogba need tolerance and care. They are embarrassed rather than embarrassing. If the madman treats him in the same way as the older generation of players, the result is that It will only be counterproductive.


However, there is nothing wrong with Mu Shuai, that is the question of Bogba's concentration. The World Cup is a closed environment. The national team has a short schedule of tasks and is isolated from the outside world. Boba has no time to care for him. He has no time to play with his hair. He only puts all his energy into the football itself. What's more, this also involves a sense of honor: before the World Cup, due to the bad state, 73% of French fans did not think that Bogba should start. Boba needs to restore its personal reputation and fight for national glory. Therefore, it is extremely dedicated, strictly abide by the discipline of the field, strictly enforce the tactical requirements, and even become the leader before the finals, and generously motivate teammates in the locker room.