In July, progression 2.0 will be rolled out which removes the 75 level cap, XP updates that will now reward players based on time played along with your score, and a host of new XP mechanics where players can earn double rewards.We have a Rocket League guide you can check out if you want to get started in Psyonix's popular sports hybrid game. Check out Psyonix's blog for the full list of incoming updates


The phenomenon that is Rocket League has barely shown signs of waning since its debut on console and PC. Since then, Psyonix have managed to secure partnerships for licensing customisation items and vehicles from other popular mediums, capitalising on the recent Ricky & Morty fad with items randomly dropping for players and having the infamous DeLorean available for purchase. Now though, the developers have successfully sought licensing for a large haul of DC universe themed offerings from Warner Bros. and the DC Super Heroes DLC Pack has arrived at a relatively cheap price. Is that because it’s a load of tat, or is it in fact a bargain for comic book enthusiasts wanting to Rocket League Keys show off their allegiances?