With the update, Rocket League will run at 900p docked in Performance Mode for 60fps and native 1080p docked in Quality Mode for 30fps. Portable mode remains the same at 720p. This performance update will be coming sometime between March and April this year.


Other updates on this roadmap include a bunch of new content. With the start of their competitive season 7 in February comes new crates, rewards, and the Tournaments Beta, a single elimination mode. In March and April, Psyonix is also planning on fixing a few things, like item stacking, item search features, quick chat for team members, and much more www.lolga.com.


For April and beyond, Psyonix has revealed that Rocket League will be getting an update for the Xbox One X. The game is currently scheduled to reach the console late 2018. Other updates for Rocket League Items later in the year include cross-play, with every system except the PS4.