Note that the balloons will only be around during the event and Psyonix warned users that there will be no one week redemption grace period. Golden Egg items can be traded for others from its own series, but not with crate items.In case you're interested in more details about the event, you can hop on over to the official Rocket League's anniversary announcement page. The dev revealed that Throwback Stadium will be added to Rocket League Items private and local matches, as well as tournaments, in the game's next major update.


Rocket League  from Pysonix surprised PlayStation 4 and PC player with its intuitive mix of action-sports and driving, and the “soccer” game eventually made its way to the Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch. But it’s unlikely we’ll ever get a full sequel.Speaking to GameSpot, Pysonix game director Scott Rudi explained that the studio’s focus is on keeping players together and engaged with Rocket League by using a games-as-a-service model, rather than trying to move them all along to a hypothetical second game