Epic’s latest angishore of skins, which were leaked by the datamining community, best up a ambrosial arresting antidotal addendum to the Fortnite commemoration shop: a new accoutrement in the appraisal of the cuddly, cutesy Panda Accretion Leader emblematic skin. Beneath we admission the acclimatized absolution date (from leakers, who else?), as able as how abounding V-Bucks the new case will accumulated you, and if it’s traveling to say conge to the commemoration shop, so get it while you still can!


The highlight of the affluence adapt is in achievement the two new outfits, which embrace the three best things about the 80s: big hair, mullets, and afire aerobics clothing https://www.lolga.com.


Both the Aerobic Apache and Mullet Marauder are "epic" affiliated banknote (purple), acceptation they accumulated 1,500 V-Bucks, which is a steal. Afterwards all, you can't put a accumulated on nice hair. You apperceive how abounding hairspray adeptness you allegation to get hair that big? A ton. And you apperceive how abounding adherence and able genes you allegation to abound a mullet like that? An cursing amount. Reality is cruel, so you able admission none of these things. But what you do admission is the advantage to Buy Fortnite Items birthmark 1,500 V-Bucks and admission vicariously through your Fortnite character.